Can Carpet Cleaning Get Rid of Pet Urine

We love pets at RH Carpet Cleaning and we know you do to! But we all know that our beloved pets can have many accidents around the house, and if you have a dog you’ll know that the “puppy training stage” can be messy. Urine is a very tricky thing to remove from your carpet without professional help.

Urine in carpeting can be a severe problem that can sometimes require major restoration work, not just simple cleaning and treating. But now, with RH Carpet Cleaning  your most severe urine soaked areas can be saved with our Urine Neutraliser, this product from ProChem is a fantastic products and involves a process specially formulated to eliminate urine odours forever. This product has shown excellent results on even the most severe urine and other odour-causing spots by working to stop the smell at its source instead of simply masking the odour.

When you pet urine’s on the carpet it sits on the surface of the carpet for a short period of time, it then penetrates into fibers of the carpet and contaminates both the backing of the carpet and even the flooring underneath the carpet. Often, without your knowing, pets will urinate continually in the same general location. The floor underneath a carpet is usually cement or wood and the bad news is that urine can even permeate from that floor underneath leaving quite a pungent odour.

When urine dries, the liquid evaporates but the urine crystals become even more concentrated and pungent. Simple cleaning that area will not remove this odour. We use a Pet Neutramiser which contacts the source of the odor, it immediately begins a chemical reaction that destroys the urine odour. Simple cleaning will not remove this odour.

Unlike what some other products and services do. We eliminate the odor at the source, by exploding the urine crystals that cause the odors, so the smell is gone for good.Our professionally trained technicians will take care to inspect your home, identify any issues you may have and provide a free quote prior to beginning our service.

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