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Protect Carpet & Upholstery from Stains & Bacterial Growth with Fabric Seal

The No.1 Stain Shield Protects against spills & also offers antibacterial protection for carpets and fabrics to prevent the spreading of bacterial growth

fabric seal dublin

Benefits of Fabric Seal

The most technically advanced and effective fibre protection system available.

Adds UV protection, it is bacteriostatic, reduces static electricity, inhibits the growth of mould and mildew and does not affect surface texture or breathability.

Completely safe for humans, animals and the environment.

Treatment will help to maintain a textile’s original appearance while extending the fibre life cycle.

Forms an invisible shield around textile fibres providing an effective barrier against all kinds of organic matter, fluids, dust and debris.

Carpet Protection

This solvent-based treatment penetrates the fabric, bonding with the material to provide active protection from staining. That way, the dreaded spills that will eventually occur won’t end up forming permanent stains. The Prochem Fabric Seal enhances the upholstery’s resistance to both water-based and oil-based staining, which also reduces the amount of time and resources spent on cleaning up. From coffee and tea that get spilled during the morning rush to head out to work, the accidental wine spills during dinner dates and book club meetings, grease and food stains- the protection provided by the Prochem Fabric Seal keeps your upholstered units from developing unsightly spots that are frustrating to remove. From modern day busy homes, to the furniture in commercial establishments that handles loads of traffic on a daily basis, the protection comes in handy to enable you to freely use the sofas and other sets, without losing your wits whenever a spill occurs. This does not mean that you allow the spill to dwell on the surface. Attend to the spot as soon as you can. This will keep it elegant for longer.



fabric seal dublin
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