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RH Carpet Cleaning specialise in hot water extraction carpet cleaning services and 100% eco carpet cleaning shampoos. We will have your carpets deep cleaned, disinfected and deodorised with ECO carpet cleaning products from Cleanfast & Craftex. You do not need to worry about harsh chemicals, fumes or bad odours. With RH Carpet Cleaning you are in good hands.

Achieving spectacular results with soft ECO carpet cleaning is not easy but our company uses highly skilled staff and some of the most efficient carpet cleaning machines available. We will use a combination of hot water, traffic lane cleaners, carpet cleaning shampoos and unique odour neutralisers. Your carpets will feel soft, clean & fresh.

All our carpet cleaning shampoos are 100% safe for kids, pets, older people, pregnant women and people with allergies. We can deep clean your carpets with highly deodorised shampoos or carpet cleaning shampoos with no perfume at all. You are the customer so you decide what type of shampoo is used on your carpets.

We can also help you out with special treatments like carpet protectors, bactericidal deodorisers, urine neutralizer and mite treatments. Of course, all of it is safe and listed as eco.

Having your carpets deep cleaned or deodorised with proper eco carpet cleaning shampoos should not be a special requirement. Any professional carpet cleaning company should be doing its best to only use carpet cleaning products that are safe for the customer and manufactured with as little pollution as possible. Amazing results can be achieved in a safe way.

We are happy to provide you with more information and specific data sheets about any of our carpet cleaning shampoos. Just email us your requirements and we will respond in a matter of minutes. Our customer services is second to none and our customers safety is our main priority

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