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How to Effectively Remove Pet Hair From Carpets and Upholstery

Spring and summer is when pets shed their thick winter coats, and if you live with a dog, you’ll definitely notice it.

Pet hair can get everywhere: on the floor, on the carpets, on, under and even behind furniture, on bedding and all over your clothes.  And you’d really love to get rid of it, especially if you, your family or members or friends have problems with allergies.

Pet allergies don’t get worse during the shedding season, although it can seem that way.  But according to experts, what’s really happening is cross-over between seasonal allergies to grass and tree pollen and to mould spores, which peak at this time of year and make you more sensitive.

Surprisingly, it’s not fur that causes problems: allergic reactions such as sneezing and streaming eyes are really a response to something called pet dander. Dander is microscopic scales of dead skin which pets – just like people – shed constantly. That’s why the length of your pet’s fur, or the amount of fur you can see around the house, doesn’t make an allergic reaction more severe.  There’s another culprit too… it turns out that your pet’s urine also contains substances which can trigger off symptoms.

But whatever’s causing the problem, pet hair ruins the look of your carpets, rugs and soft furnishings, so it’s important to have a cleaning routine in your home that keeps hair build-up to a minimum.

You can help to fix the problem before it starts, by brushing or grooming pets regularly: this has been shown to reduce the amount of hair they shed.  Keep your clothes in a place where pets can’t lie on them, and choosing removable, washable covers on furniture will make life easier too.   Wiping affected carpets and fabrics with a damp sponge helps: vacuum clean them first, then use the sponge to roll up the fur into clumps that you can pick off by hand.

Try using a latex gloves: as you run it over the hair, it should stick to your hand. This also works with rubber gloves or gardening gloves, so long as they have a rubber coating on the palm, and you could even use a balloon!  Dampen the latex for extra effectiveness.

Fabric softener sheets aren’t just for the washing machine: you can be used to pick up pet hair. And try a light spray of a hairy area with a combination of fabric softener and water to prime it before you use any other method.

Prevention is better than cure, so clean regularly to keep pet hair from building up, particularly in the spring and summer months. The happiest animal-loving homes are those  where pets and their humans live together in a healthy, clean and comfortable environment.

Why not book a regular deep clean with RH Carpet Cleaning as part of your cleaning routine to keep matters under control? Our skilled technicians are trained to use professional cleaning equipment and tackle any problems you can’t, and ensure that your home remains clean, hygienic and fresh during shedding season and at every other time of year.

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