how to remove chocolate from a couch

How to get chocolate out of couch

Chocolate is a favorite treat for both adults and children. But sometimes, things can get messy especially when in involves little people :). If you are concerned on how to get chocolate out of  couch then we have great tips for you on this article. When chocolate melts and stains  your living room sofa or couch (or any type of upholstery) can be a pain and should be cleaned ASAP so it doesn’t leave a permanent stain. In this article, we will look at how to remove chocolate from a sofa and upholstery and give you a few tips and tricks to keep your furniture clean and safe.

How to get chocolate out of couch


The main thing to keep in mind when dealing with chocolate is simple – you need to treat it quickly if you want to avoid a  permanent stain. If you don’t act fast enough, the stain will settle in and it will be much harder, if not impossible, to clean.

What supplies you will need

  • Scraper – A kitchen knife or a spoon will do the job, so you don’t have to worry about this – every kitchen has them.
  • Washing up liquid– Regular washing up liquid or detergent is the best thing for this.
  • Brush – You can use an old toothbrush or any small, gentle brush you have in your home.
  • Towel – Paper towels are quite convenient, but if you want to be sustainable – use a cloth one.

This method involves scraping the chocolate off the surface, so if you’re treating a leather sofa, you might want to use a plastic scraper instead of a knife to keep the material safe.

How to get chocolate out of couch

Now that we know what tools and supplies we’ll need, let’s get to the main point of this article – getting the chocolate out of the sofa.

  1. Scrape it off.

    Start by carefully scraping off the chocolate from the surface using a knife or a spoon. As an extra tip, you can try using ice cubes in a small plastic bag over the stain to freeze the sweet treat and scrape it off easier.

  2. Prepare a cleaning mixture.

    Make a cleaning solution with one tablespoon of washing up liquid and two cups of cold or lukewarm water. Avoid hot water as it may help the stain settle even more on some types of fabrics.

  3. Dab the stain.

    Take your toothbrush and dip it in the soapy solution. Then, gently dab over the stain. You will start to see it getting lighter. Go over the stain a few times with the brush and remember to rinse and dip in soap each time you come back on to the fabric. DO NOT rub the brush in, because you will just work the chocolate into the fabric.

  4. Pat the spot.

    After you have washed off the stain, place a paper towel or white cloth over the wet spot on your sofa and soak the cleaning solution up. Remember – gentle dabs are the way to go!

If you have spilled hot chocolate over the upholstery or carpet, you won’t only have to deal with the cocoa, but with the milk as well. Milk stains can get smelly over time and will need some extra attention. If the soapy solution doesn’t work, try using powdered detergent with water.

If some of the milk and chocolate got on your sofa, we recommend checking our dedicated post on how to clean milk stains from your couch.

After you have followed these steps, the stain should be gone, or at least barely noticeable. These techniques work for both fabric and leather sofas, but beware – if yours is made from a delicate material, it is better to contact a professional cleaning service.

Get professional help if the stains don’t go away

So, you have tried the steps on how to get chocolate out of couch but the nasty stain won’t go away. Or, your sofa is made of more delicate fabrics and you don’t want to cause more damage. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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