how to remove milk from carpet

How to get Milk out of Carpet

Milk can be a pretty common spill around the household, When milk has spilled on Carpet or upholstery it may not stain due to its colour, but it can leave a foul smell if not treated promptly and correctly.

To clean spilled milk out of a carpet, concentrate on soaking up as much of the milk as possible with a dry cloth or paper towel. Then, gently use a sponge with washing up liquid to clean the stain without scrubbing too hard. Sprinkle baking soda over the stain and allow it to remain overnight.

Milk has a very unique smell, especially if the milk has been allowed to sour. To get the milk smell out of carpet fibres, you have to completely remove all milk on carpet surfaces to get rid of the odour that has attached to the fibres.

You can sometimes achieve this if you hoover/vacuum the area thoroughly, but more often than not, getting rid of the milk smell will require  an effective cleaner. RH Carpet Cleaning has experience with milk stains specifically and can eliminate the odours completely.


Since sour milk has such a strong and pungent odour, this smell will not just go away on its own as time passes. You will have to address the area in question and remove the milk from the area of the carpet that has the stain. Once milk sours, the smell becomes rancid and permeates throughout the area in which the milk is saturated.

Just like any organic matter, milk rots as time goes by, and if the sour milk is in the form of a stain, this can cause the entire surrounding area to smell like rancid milk which is only going to make things worse.

You often don’t have the luxury of getting to the stain while it’s fresh, which means that you’re dealing with dried milk and, if the spill has been there long enough, an odour. The first order of business is to remove as much of the dried milk as possible. Scrape it with a dull knife to remove any milk that flakes off; then wet the remainder with water and scrub it with washing detergent with a little water using a toothbrush. Be sure to use cold water; warm water will set the stain and increase the odour. You can also blot the stain away, using paper towels and alcohol.

Get professional help if the stains don’t go away


So, you have tried the steps on  how to remove milk from carpet or upholstery  and the  odour still remains please give us a call on 087 6089310 At RH Carpet Cleaning we use specific and tailored chemicals to remove protein based stain such as milk. We will remove stain and odour for good.

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At RH Carpet Cleaning we use specific and tailored chemicals to remove protein based stain such as milk. We will remove stains and odours for good.

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