There are several ways to remove dents from the carpet yourself, but the important thing to remember is to be careful not to damage the carpet.


Move the furniture often

move sofa off carpet

The most effective way to not have carpet dents it to prevent them in the first place. Move your furniture a few inches every couple of months so that they are not resting on in the exact same place long enough to make the dents become permanent. The carpet will bounce back if the indention is not created and left for long periods of time.

Use furniture coasters

furniture coasters

Since harsh indentations are caused by the heavy weight of furniture pressing on a small area, spreading out the load is a great way to minimise damage. Purchase a set of furniture coasters and pop them under the legs of furniture to distribute the weight. They vary in materials and cost, from rubber discs to even glass.

Use carpet left over carpet scraps

You can place scraps of carpet under the feet of furniture so protect your carpeting.

Iron the fibers

It may sound odd, but with some care ironing can help the fibers bounce back from being compressed over time. Place a damp towel on the indentation and iron along it. The steam setting on the iron can help too and do not use it on the hottest setting, be very careful and keep an eye on the carpet as you go.

Use ice cubes

Again, a little odd but placing ice cubes onto the fibers and allowing the cold water to seep into the fibers can help restore them to their original shape. Simply comb them into place after the ice has melted slightly.

Tease the fibers

You can use a small comb (not wire) to  gently tease the carpet back up. It may take a while, but with a thorough vacuum afterward it can go a long way in repairing compressed fibres.

Your carpet is a significant investment for your home, and unsightly indentations in the carpeting can ruin the appearance of an entire room. With these simple tips you can protect your flooring and prevent marks and indentations.