Cleaning Tips to Make Your Carpet Clean and Fresh This Christmas

It's that time of year again...Christmas!!  And with Covid restrictions now lifted, you are may be preparing to have the family and friends over throughout the Christmas. You might love hosting Christmas dinner but don't like the stains and spills that come with it. Check out our tips to keep your carpet looking spotless this Christmas.

Cleaning Tips to Make Your Carpet Clean and Fresh This Christmas

  1. Place Welcome mat – You might not want to ask yout guests to remove their shoes before entering the house. Therefore it is worth it to spend a little on some inside and outside floor mats. The nice thicker and bigger the matt the better. They are not just for decoration but also for your carpets protection from too much dirt being carried onto your carpets.
  2. Place a bench – Put a bench where people can sit down and remove their shoes. There are benches that come with baskets underneath where indoor shoes can be tucked away.
  3. Supply a shoe rack – If placing benches is not your idea, you can simply put a shoe rack outside or inside your front door where visitors can stash their shoes.
  4. Keep a throw rug inside the door – Place a long throw rug inside the door so that when you bring yourselves or your pets into the house, you can dry your pet’s feet.  This will reduce the wet footprints on your carpet. If your pet has muddy feet, use wipes or damp rags to clean off the mud before it can be tracked into your floors.
  5. Water the real Christmas tree – Water frequently the real Christmas tree to keep it hydrated. This will help you to clean up less frequently. It also prevents the needles embedding into the carpet or being transferred throughout the home – causing scratch and wear and tear to the carpet fibers.
  6. Keep your pet paw hair trimmed – Pet’s fur collects dirt and bring the debris from outside.  Have you groomer trim your pet’s hair to remove the fur from between the pads of the feet.
  7. Vacuum before hosting a Christmas Party – The food particles, dust, and spills are unavoidable in your carpet.  So clean the carpet with vacuum or get it professionally cleaned by us.
  8. Act immediately – Attend to the stain as soon as possible. Blot it with lukewarm water and microfiber immediately to prevent stain from sinking in the carpet pad.

Even though your carpet is a convenient hiding place for large amounts of dust, grimes, pet hair and dirt, a thorough professional carpet cleaning can really make a huge difference.  RH Carpet Cleaning can help rejuvenate the carpet, and make your home a healthier and welcoming one than ever before.


We have built a loyal customer base by treating them and their belongings respectfully, and we’ve worked hard to make sure we get the job done better than anyone else can. If you are looking for professional carpet or upholstery cleaning , call us today on 087 6089310 We are sure you will be thrilled with the results!

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Have a wonderful Christmas!!

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