Remove Milk or Chocolate From Carpet

carpet stain removal dublin

The saying rings true, “don’t cry over spilled Milk”...or Hot Chocolate for that matter, where we see ourselves as having mastered the art of industrial and commercial level power washing, it’s not to say we don’t wish to share some domestic cleaning nuggets of wisdom with you should you spill a dairy treat on your expensive carpet!

Much like the backbone of RH Power Washing, water is essential, but before you add any to the area first you must soak up and remove as much excess liquid as possible with a dry towel... in the case of Hot Chocolate, if it has dried you can use a butter knife to gently chip away residue from the fibres, be careful not to damage the pile pulling too hard.

We recommend that you mix 300-400ml of warm water with 2 pumps of hand wash soap OR a tablespoon of washing up liquid, stir this solution well to create a foamy head in your container. Using a clean towel, dip into your soap mix and rub the area as vigorously as needed - make sure you only wet the spill via the towel and do not pour liquid directly on the site. You will notice a foam will appear on the carpet from the rubbing, once you have gone over the area thoroughly, scoop off any foam and allow it to dry for approx 10 minutes - after this time you should be able to determine if the stain is gone by eye.

With the stain now gone we must flush any remaining soap mix from the fibres of the carpet, to do this we will mix 250ml of White Vinegar with 500ml of Water. This process will require another clean towel, simply soak the towel in the solution and rub the area - to finish, blot the spill area with the soaked towel allowing the liquid to rinse as much as will have a wet carpet at the end of this step, allowing it to air dry.

As a finishing touch once the area is completely dry, you could consider using a carpet cleaner- always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the bottle!

Now with your carpet restored to its former glory you can sit back, relax and enjoy a tall glass of Milk or mug of Hot Chocolate...this time without spilling it!

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