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Remove Dirt, Odours and Pet Dander with our Rug Cleaning Service

We remove allergens, dust mites, dirt, and pet dander that build up in rugs over time, RH Carpet Cleaning will leave your Rug looking fresh & smelling great.


Rug Cleaning Dublin

Rug Cleaning Dublin

Step 1 – Inspection – One of our carpet rug cleaner experts will do a detailed inspection of every facet of your area rug and determine the best detergent and process for the material. Every material requires its own unique treatment but also every stain requires a different method of removal too.

Step 2 – Pre-treatment – The two methods of pretreating a rug to remove large particles of soil and dirt are to submerge it in a specially prepared solution or to vibrate the rug using specialised equipment.

Step 3 – Cleaning – Just like above there are various methods available to us such as shampooing, dry cleaning or using a steam cleaning machine.

Step 4 – Drying – Drying a rug is another specialised process that requires a drying room. Inside, the temperature can be accurately regulated to ensure the fastest drying. Speed is of the essence as clients like their rugs back ASAP but more importantly when we dry a rug quickly we prevent any colour fading.

It generally takes about half an hour, but that can vary with your rug's size.

When you start to see that regular cleaning and vacuuming doesn't do the trick anymore, that's the time to have your rugs professionally cleaned.

Some signs to look for:

  • Heavy traffic patterns
  • Noticeable effects of pet stains
  • Evident spots and stains
  • Shedding of carpet fibers

Because we know that every rug is different and needs a different kind of attention. Our trained professional will start by examining the rug so he can find out the particular needs it has. This allow us to choose the correct cleaning method for the particular situation. If your rug has been on your family for generations or was recently store bought, we will give it the best possible care.

We have the best people, the best skills, equipment, and chemicals. If somebody can remove the stains you need to get removed, it's us. That being said, nobody can guarantee that every stain will disappear as every stain is different and some stains are damage in pigmentation and not just extra material. Give us a call, let us find out you'll always get the best possible clean from us.

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Our Recognitions

RH Carpet Cleaning recognised by the Carpet and Rug Institute and all our Carpet Cleaning products are Wool Safe Approved

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