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Why you need your Mattress Professionally Cleaned

Did you know that having your mattress cleaned is even more important than having the carpets and upholstery in your home cleaned. You may believe that a mattress doesn’t need cleaning unless there’s a spill or accident, but the truth is that it requires more regular cleaning because of how often you use it. Take a look below at the three most important reasons why you should consider having your mattress cleaned.


  1. Improve Indoor Air Quality– Whenever we turn while sleeping, fine dust and dead skin particles in the mattress are bellowed out into the air we breathe. Having your mattress regularly cleaned will reduce the amount of dust in your home, improving the quality of your indoor air.
  2. Keep Allergies At Bay– Dust mites and their excrements are one of the most common trigger to common allergy ailments like asthma. Eliminate dust mites by having your mattress cleaned, to alleviate symptoms of an allergic reaction. If you suffer from allergic reactions to dust mites, consider having your mattress and pillows covered with dust mite covers that prevent mites from colonizing.
  3. Avoid Skin Irritants– In addition to dust and mites, our mattresses become soiled with perspiration, dead skin cells and bacteria. Sometimes itching at night is just caused by dry skin or the clothing we wear. However, for those of us with sensitive skin, this is a problem that can be relieved by having your mattress and linens regularly cleaned.


We spend an average of 8 hours a day in the bed, which equates to 1/3 of our lifetime, so it is very important to maintain a clean mattress. For yours and your families health, these are the main reasons why you could greatly benefit from having your mattress cleaned. In addition, having a clean, hygienic mattress to sleep on can help you rest easier with greater peace of mind.

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