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How to get rid of pet stains and smells

It's no secret that we're a nation of pet lovers.

Whilst we love our furry friends dearly, they can be prone to accidents. Whether it's treading in mud after a walk or not getting to grips with the litter tray, our pets can leave some not-so-desirable stains around our homes.

But, fear not. We've complied together everything you need to know about removing pet stains and odours from household surfaces and furniture...


Pet hairs on soft upholstery

To get rid of unsightly pet hair, always start by hoovering. Using the upholstery attachment, hoovering soft furnishings regularly to remove unwanted pet hair. Finish with the crevice attachment to suck up any remaining grime.  If you find any hair left over, iSpray with an anti-bacerial spray and brush with a lint roller.

Urine from carpet, mattresses and fabrics

You love your cat, but wish they weren't so determined to stake out their territory in the house by spraying everywhere.

It's a tough one, but with a bit of effort, you should be able to remove the stain, and the smell...

  • On carpet, flush the affected area with cold water and blot until nearly dry. Use some washing liquid on a sponge and rug gentlly. Rinse well with cold water containing a few drops of disinfectant. Blot to dry.
  • On a mattresses, sponge with a cold solution of washing-up liquid or upholstery shampoo. Wipe with cold water containing a few drops of disinfectant.
  • On non-washable fabrics, remove fresh stains by sponging with a vinegar solution (15ml vinegar to 500ml water). Dried stains should be cleaned professionally.
  • On washable fabrics, rinse the stained area with cold water, then soak overnight in a solution of biological detergent. Machine-wash as normal.
  • On hard wood surfaces, apply white vinegar to the affected area. Add fragrant oil such as lavender to the white vinegar solution to eliminate smells.
Portrait of tabby cat sleeping on the backrest of a couch

Lingering odours

The smell of stale cat wee can be particularly difficult to get rid of. This is because the uric acid crystals and salts in cat urine are insoluble and bond tightly with any surface they land on, making them very resistant to regular household cleaning agents. If any type of moisture gets on the crystals, they are activated and release that bad aroma.

The only way to completely get rid of the smell is with an enzyme-based cleaner designed specifically for pet urine. These usually also come with a special ultraviolet light torch that can show you exactly how far your pet has sprayed. There are lots of brands available - ask a vet or pet supply store which one they recommend.

Sometimes, it's not only the odour that lingers, stains can also reappear.  If a stain reappears, it is likely that the substance has penetrated the carpet fibres and has moved to the pad of the fabric. This is often the result of using a steamer, so always avoid these when first cleaning pet stains.

Dirt tracks

Use A Carpet Stain Remover to remove mud from carpets. Apply to the stain, leave for 3 minutes and then remove all residue with a damp cloth.


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